MPC works with developers and communities to help achieve successful planning outcomes. We do this by engaging with local communities, politicians and the media, to motivate support for our clients’ plans. This in turn reduces delays to planning applications and increases the chance of a local consent at committee.


Unlike traditional firms, MPC takes consultation out to the people, including those who are likely to be supportive. Opponents of new developments are twice as likely to voice their opinion than supporters, which means we have to work harder to identify and motivate those in favour of development. MPC encourages these supporters to make their views known to their councillors, local media, community websites and friends, creating a groundswell of support for our client’s proposals ahead of a planning committee. Many of our team are councillors or political activists and understand the importance of politicians hearing positive voices.


We consult in a data-driven way, thanks to our unique research with Shelter and YouGov, which lets us plot the likely location of support and opposition to new development. It also indicates the likely reasons for and against development, and which factors are likely to increase chances of consent.


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