A housing association and house-builder based in Bath, Curo provides great homes for rent and sale across the West of England. With more than 25,000 customers, we manage over 13,000 properties and are building hundreds of new homes every year. We’re an award-winning house-builder with an extensive long-term development and land acquisition programme; as a ‘profit for purpose’ organisation, we generate surpluses through our commercial activity and reinvest them into providing more affordable homes for people in our region.


Our building programme for the next five years will see the delivery of more than 2,500 homes across the West of England. We’re currently working on multiple sites, ranging from small/medium scale inner-city brownfield regeneration to large new neighbourhoods of several hundred homes. Our Mulberry Park development in South Bath will deliver 700 much–needed new homes by 2026 in an area designated as a ‘Housing Zone’ by Central Government, highlighting its regional and national significance. Meanwhile, our regeneration schemes in Bristol are creating essential housing in key areas within proximity of employment centres. We’re building for all housing tenures – from direct private sales, to shared ownership and affordable/social rent.



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